Cibo Matto “Sugar Water”

The video for “Sugar Water” is a visual palindrome, with images of two girls split into two panels, each moving in the opposite direction before converging mid-song into a single cryptic message: “YOU KILLED ME.” This video is a dreamy puzzle that gets really weird really fast.

Living Sisters – How Are You Doing? by Michel Gondry (2011)

Visual visionary Michel Gondry has struck again. The French director has teamed up with The Living Sisters to create the video for “How Are You Doing?” from their critically-acclaimed Vanguard debut, Love To Live. Gondry previously shot videos for The Rolling Stones, Bjork, Radiohead and The White Stripes.

Mia Doi Todd “Open Your Heart” – directed by Michel Gondry (2009)

Michel Gondry’s newest music video for Mia Doi Todd’s ‘Open Your Heart’. After several years conceptualizing a video involving dozens of dancers wearing bright multi-colored outfits, Michel found a perfect fit with Mia’s tune. The music was produced and arranged by long-time friend and collaborator, Jon Brion and the video features the Riverside Community College Marching Band.

Stowaway in the Sky – Voyage en Ballon 1962

Stowaway in the Sky (French: Le Voyage en ballon) is a 1960 French family adventure film, directed by Albert Lamorisse. Albert Lamorisse used his ten year old son Pascal as the main character in the film.

Much of Gondry’s inspiration, he says, came from the film Le Voyage en ballon.